DIY Tips for Making Lawncare Easier

Keeping your lawn, flowerbeds and shrubs looking great enhances the “curb appeal ” of your property. However, it can also be a lot of work! Here are some do-it-yourself tips for making these tasks easier and less time-consuming: 

          • Add mulch around trees and shrubs. That way, you won’t have to cut grass in those areas, plus you’ll avoid the                 need to use shears or a trimmer to do the job properly. 

          • Adjust lawnmower blades to the optimal height for short, well-groomed grass. That way, you won’t have to                       mow as often. 

          • Use tools that don’t require you to bend over or work on your knees. That will greatly reduce fatigue.
              (Example: Stand-up grass shears.) 

            Consider applying mulch in flower beds. That will reduce weeds. It will also help retain moisture, so you won’t                   have to water as often. 
         •  Avoid high-maintenance plants that require strict watering and tending regiments. No-fuss plants are ideal. 
              (Talk to your local gardening center.) 

          • Consider using a soaker hose. It has holes all along the tubing that gently release water. Simply snake the hose                through flowerbeds and shrubs or around trees, turn on the water and the hose does the rest. 

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