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The Disheartened Milieu For First Time Real Estate Buyers

Posted on Sep 29, 2021

The past decade has been tough for young people in Greater Vancouver who have seen their salaries stagnate and housing prices skyrocket. It’s not just the cost of living that is affecting them, but also the lack of opportunity to buy a home. Many are giving up on owning property altogether and resigning themselves to renting until they can no longe...

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New Government Policies 2021

Posted on Apr 17, 2021

New government policies affecting our real estate market are currently being discussed and may be implemented shortly.

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Where Do We See The Real Estate Market In 10 years

Posted on Mar 22, 2021

What would you do differently if you knew where our real estate market was heading?

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Alternatives In Purchasing Into a Hot Real Estate Market

Posted on Mar 09, 2021

Tired of the competition, bidding wars and selling over asking? Here is an alternative to purchasing when you’re feeling the heat of a hot real; estate market.

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Do Government Assessment Values Mean Anything?

Posted on Jan 06, 2021

Are they worth taking seriously? We discuss the process the government uses for their assessments and whether or not they hold the true value of your home.

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Should you list and sell your home in December?

Posted on Dec 02, 2020

Why should you want to list and sell your home in December? Isn’t it worth waiting to list and sell during the spring?

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