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4 Ways to Find the Time to Sell your Home

Posted on Jan 17, 2023

Are you thinking about selling your home this spring? If so, one factor that may be holding you back is time. You might be worried that you won’t find the time in your busy schedule to sell your property successfully. 

If so, here are four strategies that will help: 

1. Understand what needs to be done 
Do you know what you’ll need to do to sell your ho...

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Showing your Home on Short Notice

Posted on Jan 06, 2023

Unless you’re selling in a strong sellers’ market, you should take advantage of every opportunity to show your home. Say, for example, an interested buyer would like to see your property tomorrow evening. If you say no, they might see another listing in the meantime — and make an offer! 

So, being prepared to show your home at the drop of a hat is im...

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BC government introduces “cooling off” period for home sales

Posted on Jan 03, 2023

On July 21, the provincial government introduced a home buyer protection period, the details of which are outlined in a new regulation that allows home buyers to back out of a residential purchase up to three business days after signing a contract.

The government will begin to enforce this regulation starting January 1, 2023.

The province claims this...

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Calls grow for changes to mortgage stress test in Canada

Posted on Dec 23, 2022

Article created and published by Martin Macmahon & Hana Mae Nassar ,Vancouver City News.

There’s a push from the real estate industry to adjust the mortgage stress test formula, given how much has changed since its introduction.

The tool forces homebuyers to prove they can still make monthly mortgage payments, even if interest rates rise.

However, wit...

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Painting Tips for Getting the Job Done Faster

Posted on Dec 20, 2022

Unless painting a room is a passion, you probably want to finish the task as soon as possible — while still doing a quality job. Here are some tips for doing just that

                 • One-coat paints. Having to do a second coat is time-consuming. Fortunately, there are several “one coat” paints that can get the job done, well, in one coat! They don’t work for ev...

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How Buyers Often Find Out about your Listing

Posted on Dec 06, 2022

There are many ways buyers can find out about your home for sale. Some will see the lawn sign. Others will notice the listing on MLS. Still others might find out via an advertisement or social media post. 
But, there is one other way buyers will discover your listing — and it can be pivotal to the success of your sale. 

The agent can make sure they kn...

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