March 2022

Get your Spring Cleaning Done in Half the Time

Posted on Mar 23, 2022

Spring cleaning can seem like a great idea until  you actually get started. Then it often turns out to be more work than expected! 

The good news is, there are proven techniques to make the job easier so you can get it done faster

                    •Before you begin the project, make sure you have everything you need: hammer, boxes, tape, garbage                            bags, etc. Think of th...

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When to Increase your Budget when Shopping for a Home

Posted on Mar 15, 2022

When you set a budget for a new home, you’re obviously hoping — maybe even expecting — to find the ideal property within that price range. 

But, it doesn’t always work out that way. 

In fact, there are many circumstances in which you might have to rethink your budget and possibly even increase it, to get the home you want. 

For example, you might find th...

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